IRS offers tips on correcting misclassified employee reporting

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February 12, 2010

contractor @ 4:40 pm #

My employer is treating us like contractors to save them money. They have realized their mistakes and are changing us to W2. The problem is that for the years I was 1099 I paid out the rear end in taxes. So my question is this, how do I report the employer to the IRS in order to initiate an audit and rectify the taxes I had to pay that they should have paid?

November 1, 2010

Nancy Porto @ 10:37 am #

As an independent contractor with duly signed agreement of such and services to be rendered to Publishing Company to sell ad space for publication, I was demanded to perform extensive database entries and field work to obtain such without compensation. I felt this was out of my jurisdiction to perform database assignments instead of selling ad space which I was hired to do as an independent contractor receiving commission on ads sold and paid. I agreed to perform such requests but had asked to be compensated for the time spent and taken away from my normal business of selling ads in fear of losing relationship built over eight years with this company. Is the publishing company responsible for wages in this instance or do they have a right to ask for duties to be performed at a level a hired employee should partake which I did not agree with?

February 8, 2011