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Doug E. Fresh Owes IRS
Hip Hop pioneer Doug E. Fresh owes more than $2 million in unpaid taxes to the IRS, $2,276,848 to be exact.  This has prompted the IRS to file a lien against Fresh at the New York City register’s office in October.
This is the second time Doug E. Fresh, 44, whose real name is Douglas E. Davis is in trouble with the IRS.  In 2008, he owed $367,000 in taxes to the IRS.
Fresh opened a restaurant named Doug E’s in Harlem last month, in a venture into business outside the music industry despite his problems with the IRS.  Doug E’s provides a variety of fast foods including fried chicken and waffles.  However, the opening of Doug E’s was delayed by 2 years, resulting in criticisms from various quarters.
According to Fresh, he opened his restaurant to give opportunities for teens to earn some money by working there after school.
Fresh started his music career as the founding member of the Get Fresh Crew in New York in the early 1980s.  After linking with rapper Slick Rick, to release the hit 'La Di Da Di' in 1985, Fresh rose to popularity for his beat boxing skills, that went on to make him famous in the hip hop music scene.
437 in The Triad Wanted by IRS
A total of 437 people in the 12-county Triad area are wanted by the IRS but not for any crime.  The IRS wants to give them their tax refund checks that went undelivered in the Triad.
According to the IRS, 111,893 refund checks were returned across the country.  The average amount of the checks was $1,471.  Each time a check is returned to the IRS, the agency updates the information of the recipient of the check in its database.  Taxpayers can check if they are due to receive a refund check and its status in the IRS tool found in the ‘Where’s my Refund?’ section of the IRS website.  The checking process requires the taxpayer to submit his or her Social Security number, the amount of refund according to the 2009 return and filing status.
The IRS tool will give details of the status of the refund and in some cases provide instructions on delivery.  If you check your refund status over the phone, you will be given instructions on how to update your address information.  Call 1-800-829-1954 for the phone version of ‘Where’s my Refund?’
When filing your returns, it’s best to choose the option of receiving your refund by direct deposit.
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