Man Confesses to Cheating IRS

A Michigan man has confessed to fraudulently receiving more than $400,000 in tax refunds from the IRS. William Crawford’s confession was made before Magistrate Judge Vernelis Armstrong in a US District Court in Toledo after being charged for 13 counts of aiding in preparation of false tax returns, two counts of false tax returns, and four counts of wire fraud.
Court documents reveal that Crawford drew up fraudulent tax returns for friends and members of his family using false information on the forms to obtain tax refunds electronically. Once the refunds were paid, Crawford would split the money so the taxpayer would receive what they were expecting and Crawford would receive the rest.

In total, Crawford fraudulently sought $689,000 worth of tax refunds, out of which $407,000 was actually paid out by the IRS. For his crime, Crawford faces up to twenty years’ imprisonment for wire fraud and three years’ imprisonment for each count of the other crimes.

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