"Real Housewives" Star in Tax Trouble with IRS

“Real Housewives of Miami” star Alexia Echevarria and her lobbyist husband Herman are in trouble with the IRS for unpaid back taxes. The IRS filed documents in Miami-Dade county court stating that the Echevarrias owe $90,078.44 in taxes from 2009. The IRS also said they had asked the couple to pay up several times but have not received settlement of their debts.
As a result, the agency has placed a lien on the Echevarrias’ $1.2 million home in Miami Beach. The lien means that the IRS will have first priority claim on the proceeds should the couple sell their house. Alexia Echevarria has not made any comments about the IRS lien.

This year has not been a pleasant one for the 44-year-old Bravo TV star Alexia, nicknamed “The Cuban Barbie”. Her younger son Frankie Rosello was almost killed in a car crash earlier this year. Then in September, her oldest son Peter Rosello was caught on camera hitting a homeless man in the groin. Rosello was subsequently arrested charged with felony battery.

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