IRS Deductions for Police Officers

Police officers are entitled to a special set of tax deductions related to their profession. For instance, police officers are allowed to deduct out-of-pocket work-related expenses that exceed 2% of their income. These deductions can be claimed as miscellaneous itemized deductions on Schedule A of Form 1040.

Another tax deductible claim is the cost of purchasing and maintaining police officers’ uniforms. This includes the costs of purchase, dry cleaning, shoe polish and tailoring repairs to clothes. Police officers are also entitled to deduct the cost of buying uniform accessories – emblems, hats, ties and the like.

Police officers are often required to undergo continuous education. As such the tuition fees for this education and college courses directly related to law enforcement, as well as training expenses such as firearms instruction and advanced skills training are all tax deductible. These can include specialized courses, workshops and seminars that are considered relevant and necessary to the profession. You may also deduct the expenses of travelling and meal expenses from your taxes.

There are professional bodies for police officers that they can become a member of, such as the Fraternal Order of Police. The membership fees for these professional bodies are tax deductible. Union fees can also be deducted from taxes. In the same way, subscription fees to journals and other periodicals related to police work can also be deducted from tax.

Another expense that police officers can deduct from their taxes is the cost of purchasing equipment used for work such as flashlights, specialized clothing, bullet-proof vests, special shoes and body armor. Likewise the expenses related to the use of such equipment may also be deducted from tax. These expenses include out-of-pocket expenses such as the cost of buying ammunition and firearms and shooting range fees for target practice. Even expenses like gym equipment, workout clothes and exercise shoes may also be deductible if used for training purposes.


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