Is there a time limit for the IRS to collect what I owe or will this just go on forever?


The truth is there is a time limit. It�s called the Collection Statute Expiration Date or CSED. In short, the IRS only ten years from the date of assessment of the tax to collect it. Does this mean all you have to do is ignore them for ten years? Not hardly. Learn more about the Collection Statute Expiration Date and how it might be the IRS Tax help that you�ve been waiting to end your IRS Problem for good! Click on the video below. [display_podcast]

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Comments on Is there a time limit for the IRS to collect what I owe or will this just go on forever?

November 19, 2007

val dancy @ 1:11 am #

i have tax problems. The IRS is currently garnishing my wages which started Aug 2006. If I file a chapter 13 to stop the garnishment and also include other bills I owe, can I later file a Chapter 7 in 2009 (8 years after the 1st bankrupcy me and my husband filed)to discharge the remaining money I owe that wasn't paid in the chapter 13?

Basically, I'd pay into chapter 13 for 2 years and then convert the remaining tax debt and other debts into a chapter 7.

someone said once a 13 is filed, then i could never go and file a chapter 7, but is responsible for the entire tax debt.

is this true.

September 22, 2008

John C Nemeth @ 2:14 pm #

I suppose the interest and penalties don't go away with the ten year old tax debt even though it's a de-facto tax on a tax

January 8, 2009

robert bain @ 3:25 pm #

in 1991 the company i worked fo 28 yrs.sold out and the new owners went bankrupt after firing the origialdept heads,which i was one of. after some time on unemployment comp.i got a minimum wage job and i was devastated & confused & stopped filing tax returns & started using my retirement from my 1st job which i had put in an annuity to try to get by.then i was diagosed with myathenia gravis and had to retire.i also lost my house in all this,im currently in unable to pay status with the irs. but still have this debt over my head which at my age & health will never be able to pay please advise me what to do.