The biggest compliment that we get from users of our main website is the video content. Users routinely say how helpful the video content on that site is and how they learn so much from it. Rest assured we will continue to post more and more regular video content on I believe in providing plenty of free, useful video content full of actionable information that helps taxpayers handle their IRS Problems themselves.

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Well…Barack Obama won the presidency and no matter how you feel about that; one thing's for sure. Things are going to change. That was his campaign slogan right? How will that 'change' impact the IRS and their ability and willingness to collect delinquent taxes? I'm glad you asked. It is very likely that due to the worsening economy and rising deficit that IRS collections will continue to increase. The federal government has dramatically increased hiring in the areas of border enforcement and the Transportation Safety Administration. Since the IRS is actually the agency responsible for the collection of federal government revenue, it only makes sense that one of the first priorities of an Obama administration would be to increase hiring of IRS collection personell. This course of action even fits with the campaign rhetoric that the rich should pay their share. So don't be surprised if IRS collection continues to accelerate to unprecendeted levels in an Obama administration. To be fair, John McCain would have likely done something very similar. Take a look at the special video that I prepared addressing this situation:

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Picture this. A room of 50 attorneys/paralegals most of whom have no experience whatsoever in the IRS niche. They came to Denver, Colorado to learn what they needed to know to begin representing clients with IRS Problems. It would be impolite to say how much they paid, but it was a considerable amount of money, to learn from me, Tampa Tax Attorney, Darrin T. Mish. I opened up my case files (with client identities protected of course) to teach them the ins and outs of IRS representation.

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Today, I’m coming from sunny Denver, Colorado. Why am I in Denver? I’m here as the main speaker for a two day seminar teaching attorneys and enrolled agents and CPAs the finer aspects of IRS problem resolution. I’ll be taking them from A-Z with over 16 hours of content. I’m going to be bearing my secrets gained over years of experience in having represented hundreds and hundreds of IRS problem resolution clients. You might ask yourself, why would I do that? Why would I train my competition? Because I don’t believe in competition, and I like to help people. I like to help people like you, and like me, and like these practitioners who are aching to get out there in the trenches and help people like you and I with their IRS problems. You might ask yourself, why do I need representation for an IRS problem case? The answer is simple. The IRS has its own well known, well archived, list of arcane rules and regulations, and they deal in that world every day. The simple fact of the matter is that you don’t. There are traps and pitfalls waiting for people who are unwary and unrepresented. I can't tell you how many times that I have seen taxpayers who have fallen into the clutches of unscrupulous IRS revenue officers and agents. Now I’m not saying that all revenue officers and agents are unscrupulous, and I’m not saying that they're all bad; most of them do their job quite well and they use the utmost morals and respect for taxpayers. But that doesn’t mean that they're going to be looking out for you. Their job is to look out for the federal government, not you. On the other hand, when you're represented preferably by an attorney, your best interests are being looked out for by that attorney. He or she is there to make sure that you don’t get taken advantage of. If you already have an attorney, there is a good chance that I either know him or her, or I had a hand in training them. We’ve done these seminars on several occasions, and we’ve done several teleseminars as well. Wish me luck, because there is a good chance that the attorney, CPA, or enrolled agent that you hire in your town to help you with your IRS problem is here, or I’ve had a hand in training them at some point in the past. Take care, and good luck with your IRS problems. Remember …. IRS problems don’t solve themselves.

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The IRS website,, has a lot of information on it with numerous links that makes even more information available to you. It has recently been revamped to provide a more user-friendly atmosphere. If you have IRS Problems, you may be able to find answers to some of your questions here. It will be helpful for you to go to the website and become comfortable using it. Check it out even if you do not have IRS Problems. You never know, you may find some important tax information that will benefit you.

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