IRS Identity Theft

Tax scams increase every year during tax season.  So this year is no exception.  The IRS has already detected a spike in the number of complaints of tax scams.  If you want to make sure you do NOT fall prey to tax scams, do NOT under any circumstances give away your personal information like Social Security number, full name and address or other personal details to anyone who calls over the phone or emails you purportedly from the IRS.  The IRS never contacts people through the phone or email without prior information.

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Every year, the IRS publishes its list of 12 popular tax scams to enlighten the public about the latest ways scammers try to dupe innocent taxpayers.  You might well lose not only money but your reputation as well if you fall prey to a tax scam.  In the final analysis, you are responsible for what goes into your tax returns even though it was prepared by someone else.  So make sure you hire a qualified tax agent or lawyer to help you submit your tax returns.  Here are this year’s “Dirty Dozen”.

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Identity theft is becoming a bigger problem every day. Even I have suffered at the hands of identity thieves. A few years back, someone acquired all of my personal information down to my mother's maiden name. They then used that information to open up a credit line with Dell Computers. They then ordered $8000 worth of computer equipment and had it shipped to public housing projects throughout the Bronx, New York. Never mind I had never even been to New York at the time of this event. (I have since, great place to visit).

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