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In a potentially major scandal that may be about to explode, the IRS is under the spotlight for claiming thousands of emails had been lost when in actual fact they were not.  Under sworn testimony, IRS Commisioner John Koskinen said in June last year that some 32,000 emails were lost in a hard drive crash in 2011.  The IRS staff tasked to look for the emails said they could not be found.  Even the Department of Justice (DOJ) said that retrieving the so-called lost emails may be "too onerous".

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I'm sure you're anxious about your tax refund.  The average refund the IRS issues to each taxpayer is more than $2,800 which is a sizable amount of cash to most people.  If you haven't received your refund and wish to know its status, you should do it the right way.  Tax refunds are generally issued within 21 days upon receipt of your tax returns.  So don't expect to receive it any earlier than that.

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The quality of the IRS customer services has deteriorated due to the cuts to its budget.  As at February this year, only 43 percent of calls made to the IRS got through to a human being.  And the average waiting time was 28 minutes.  Compare that to ten years ago when 87 percent of calls were answered by an IRS employee and the average waiting time was only two and a half minutes.

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