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Identity theft is becoming a bigger problem every day. Even I have suffered at the hands of identity thieves. A few years back, someone acquired all of my personal information down to my mother's maiden name. They then used that information to open up a credit line with Dell Computers. They then ordered $8000 worth of computer equipment and had it shipped to public housing projects throughout the Bronx, New York. Never mind I had never even been to New York at the time of this event. (I have since, great place to visit).

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This was a really fun and easy interview to do. The host Deborah wanted to talk about Offshore Bank Accounts and the effect that the IRS and the US government is having upon Americans leaving their own country for good. Quite a lengthy conversation about why this is happening and what can be done about it. I do wish the audio quality was better but had to use my backup as my primary recording failed for some reason. Would love to hear comments about what was said. Pro or con. I stand behind my opinions but I'm interested in other points of view.

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Scott Ferrall: All right, my guest tonight – let's go ahead and get to that,
because I've got some folks who have got a lot of questions and
they want them answered, concerning the IRS, what you can do, and
if you are I guess in the holding with the IRS, and you have done
something that you have got to get handled.
Let me go ahead and give the formal introduction for my guest
tonight. My guest tonight is Darrin Mish. Darrin is a graduate of
Golden State University. The cool thing is he has been rated by the
folks in his field as achieving the highest levels of professional
skills, and integrity.

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Wayne Kelly: Welcome to "The Next Big Thing." I'm Wayne Kelly. Our guest today, Darrin Mish, who's a national speaker, trainer, author, entrepreneur, and tax attorney. In fact, he's represented thousands of taxpayers with tax problems with the IRS and various state taxing authorities. He's been named the practitioner of the year by the American Society of IRS Problem Solvers and the nation's premier lawyer rating service. He joins me on the phone.

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