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This situation is definitely common. Because of all the tax loopholes, the rich get away with not paying taxes. The poor end up paying more to the IRS than they do, as an outcome.

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If you are a wise taxpayer, you know you should not pay the government more or less than what you owe in taxes to avoid IRS problems. What numerous taxpayers don't realize is that there are particular income types that the government cannot collect taxes on legally.

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Because you do not want to end up having to pay the IRS money at tax time, choosing the right amount to withhold in your W-4 form can be tricky. You also would not like to get a substantial tax reimbursement at the end of the tax year if you're smart, because that means you let the government borrow your money sans interest. You might be paying less than what you should and be able to maximize your efficiency in paying taxes when you correctly adjust your tax withholding.

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