Top 20 Celebrity Tax Debtors part 2

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Continuing With the List of Top 20 Celebrity Tax Debtors:

10. Xzibit

  • Another rapper who owes the IRS is Xzibit, whose outstanding tax bill comes up to $1 million. Most of Xzibit’s tax problems arise from the cancellation of Pimp My Ride by MTV in 2007.
9. Lil Wayne8. Doug E. Fresh
  • Fresh is known as the pioneer of hip-hop. In the 1980’s he inspired the dance steps that started the summer dance craze ‘The Dougie’. He has some $2 million in unpaid taxes and the IRS has filed a lien against him.
7. Wyclef Jean
  • Jean, the Haiti presidential aspirant, is in debt to the IRS by about $2.1 million. The musician was recently disqualified from running for Haiti president because of the length of time he has as a Haitian resident.
6. Swiss Beatz
  • The music producer husband of singer Alicia Keys collected 35 tax liens in 3 states between 2003 and 2010. He owes the IRS $2.4 million in taxes.
5. Wesley Snipes
  • The ‘Blade’ actor has been incarcerated for tax evasion after losing his appeal and is currently in the minimum-security federal prison camp in Bradford, Pennsylvania. He owes the IRS about $2.7 million
4. Marc Anthony
  • Husband of Jennifer Lopez (they married in 2004), Anthony is in debt to the IRS by about $3.4 million. The IRS has recently filed a tax lien against him. However, Anthony has subsequently announced that he has settled his tax debt with the IRS.
3. Chris Tucker
  • Tucker, best known for his role in the ‘Rush Hour’ movies alongside Jackie Chan, is reported to owe the IRS $11.5 million in taxes from the years 2001-2001, 2004-2006.
2. Nicolas Cage
  • Academy award-winning actor Cage said his tax problems stem from his business and financial management personnel who were negligent in handling his money for him. He owes the IRS about $14 million but Cage told People Magazine last year that he has now engaged a new business management team and is now current in his tax payments for 2009. He has also pledged to pay up all delinquent taxes including any future determined state taxes.
1. Joe Francis
  • Francis, the owner of the ‘Girls Gone Wild’ franchise is in debt by about $30 million after not paying his taxes for the years 2001-2003
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