Sequoyah County Fulfills Tax Obligations

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After being contacted by the IRS over unfiled reports and non-payment of June 2010 taxes, Sequoyah County has since filed the overdue reports and paid up the outstanding taxes. The reports concerned were the first and second quarterly reports for 2010. However, there might still be penalties and late fees imposed on the county, which has yet to be decided.
The total amount of outstanding taxes paid came up to $37,799.71. Once this payment had been made, the IRS confirmed that no more payments were outstanding.

The non-payment of the June 2010 taxes might have been an oversight by the County Clerk who later apologized for any error on her part. She explained she did not know what happened to the records and added it is possible she recorded the payment to an incorrect computer address. For example, it may have been entered into the wrong quarter.

What led the County Clerk, Vicki Sawney to suspect the error may have been hers was that there was more money than expected in the county’s employee tax account, indicating the check was not sent or was not sent to the correct IRS account. Sawney also added that she had been having problems with computer software.

Sequoyah County’s District 3 Commissioner Jim Rogers explained that Sequoyah county files report on tax withholding on its employees every quarter while payments are made every month to the IRS. The missing reports were for the first and second quarters of 2010 and the unpaid tax withholding was for the month of June of the same year. Rogers concluded, “We’re human and we all make mistakes. We correct the problem and go on down the road.”

Rogers spoke to the IRS agent, Jennifer Neff over the matter and got the impression that the penalties and fees might be reduced or waived altogether. However, nothing is confirmed until the official word is received from the IRS on this matter.

Sawney said the investigations by the county itself and the IRS are still underway. It is estimated to take another 6 to 8 weeks to conclude all investigations. But the good thing for the county is that in the course of the investigations, it was discovered that the IRS owed the county about $6,000 in an overcharged levy.
Sawyney said, “We’re hoping for a refund of that.”

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