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  • Form 3949-A
    Form 3949-A

    If you suspect that an individual is not fulfilling his or her tax obligations (for example he or she is evading taxes), you have a right to report this to the IRS. You do so by filling in Form 3949-A ...

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  • IRS Hardship Letter
    IRS Hardship Letter

    Having problems paying your taxes? You should make arrangements with the IRS to pay your taxes through various options like a payment plan, offer in compromise, not collectable status etc. The IRS ...

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  • Chapter 13 Tax Deductions
    Chapter 13 Tax Deductions

    Did you know that some of the payments you make under your chapter 13 bankruptcy plan are tax deductible ? Although it is your bankruptcy trustee who controls your purse strings, it is still you who ...

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  • How to Avoid FATCA
    How to Avoid FATCA

    FATCA is the Foreign Accounts Tax Compliance Act. It is a law created to combat tax evasion by American taxpayers with taxable assets overseas who keep them in offshore bank accounts. FATCA creates a ...

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