Former IRS Lawyer Now In Charge Of Clinton Email Production

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Republicans within the House Select Committee that is investigating Benghazi have publicly announced their concerns that 46-year-old attorney Catherine “Kate” Duval, a former lead IRS attorney who is now working for the State Department, is purposely impeding their investigation by delaying the release of many requested Clinton “Libya” emails. They claim that Duval was personally responsible for the loss of the Lerner emails during the IRS investigation. They also claim that she purposely withheld her knowledge about the missing emails for months after initially discovering a problem and lied during official testimony about the existence of email backup drives.

Duval’s Democrat supporters both on the House Select Committee and at the State Department immediately spoke out in her defense. They noted that Duval was the first person to bring the missing emails situation to the attention of IRS Commissioner John Koskinen in February 2014 and that she alerted her superiors about the need to search for backup drives. They also noted that she was not responsible in her position for the storage and preservation of backup materials.

The IRS IT team has claimed they were never asked about backups. Duval told investigators that the team told her that no backups existed.

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