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  • Post-filing Tax Matters
    Post-filing Tax Matters

    Now that tax season is over, what should you do? You would have lots of paper documents – tax forms, invoices, receipts, bank and credit card statements, dividend and bonus statements, check buds, ...

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  • Welcome to My
    Welcome to My "Tax Relief Help Video Vault" - Free Admission

    If you’re looking for information on how to get Tampa Tax Relief Help, you just hit the right place. On this resource, I share what you need to know about solving your IRS Problem. Have you been ...

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  • How Long Does a Bank Levy Last?
    How Long Does a Bank Levy Last?

    While a tax lien is a mere legal claim against your assets, a levy is the actual seizure of your property to meet your tax debt. If the IRS determines that you have refused or neglected to pay your ...

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